Sunday, October 3, 2010

GMAT/US Nationals

A crazy week of paddling and life has come and gone and I have failed to fill in the gaps.  My apologies for being delinquent.

Last week was a whirlwind in my attempt at taking steps forward in life.  I have been studying for the GMAT for a very long time.  Many different things side tracked my studying and I finally laid down the law and told myself that I could not leave for GauleyFest until I had taken the test and aced it.  As it turns out, bureaucracy and red tape prevented me from even taking the test before GauleyFest, so I made the executive decision to stay home and study.  I took the GMAT on Monday!  And did miserably.  Well, miserably depends on your standards.  I received a score many would kill for, but am still not satisfied.  

Tuesday, Marian and I packed up and drove to DC - four slalom boats strapped to the roof with possibly more surface area than her little Honda.  Training at the DC Dickerson course was amazing.  The water there is unique and caught me completely off guard on Wednesday morning.  I think the course plays to many of my strengths as a paddler including demanding high speed, constant movement, and a forward lean that originates from the hips.  But to the more exciting part: the race.  I did horribly, but had a blast.  I raced both a kayak and a canoe.  Definitely a first time for everything.  Thanks to Nate and Jac for letting Marian and I crash on the floor for an entire week.

And now I am home in Colorado enjoying the mountains and some much needed time with my family.

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