Sunday, December 5, 2010

CFA: check

Yesterday was the CFA Level 1 exam.  I took it.  Or rather it took me...for a six hour ride of page turning while searching for a question I knew the answer to.  Ok, it was not really that bad, but it was still pretty up there on my list.

The minute I took the GMAT this past September my attentions turned to the CFA Level 1 exam.  My goal  was to get it knocked out this December and move on to the second test in June - we will see how that pans out.  So for the past two months I have been attempting to cram two years of Wharton undergrad.  I will say that while the material itself is not difficult the sheer breadth of knowledge required is daunting.  I have lived in the library for full days for the past months except for the occasional brain meltdown which meant that I needed a break.  I even made kayaking a second priority to this studying, frustrating my training partners and coaches.  But it all ended yesterday at 5pm.  And I celebrated!

Once I get rid of the remnants of my celebrations it is time to train and reprioritize again.

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