Sunday, December 19, 2010

Colorado Bound

A week ago I began the drive from Charlotte to Albuquerque.  Somehow I made it through a massive southeast snow storm that brought snow to every city on my route: Asheville, Nashville, Memphis...

After a couple of wonderful days at home with Mom, I have finally made it up to Durango, CO to get back on the water.  I brought out an old boat that I am planning on leaving so that I can always have one here.  Yesterday was my first day back on moving water since the USNWC shut down for the winter.  It was fabulous!  The water was super low creating just a little bit of current, but has a great green tongue and some wonderful eddies to practice in.  Making everything that much more amazing was the fact that it was snowing.  Not east coast snow, but that big fluffy beautiful snow that only Colorado has.  In addition to getting some moving water time in, every workout is an altitude workout (even a simple 60 minute bike ride after lifting or an easy paddle).  I'm hoping to come home having made some huge gains out of the next couple of weeks.

Oh ya, Thanks Nic for letting me crash both your home and workouts!  And thanks Cathy for letting me jump in as well.

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