Monday, January 3, 2011


New Year and Merry Christmas!
I am well aware that I am late on all of my holiday wishes for everyone, but I have just been having too much fun.  Very Seriously!
I spent a fabulous Christmas with my family and my mother's family in southern New Mexico where it was constantly in the 50s.
Now that I have once again returned to Colorado to take advantage of the water, I have been snowed in for the first time in several years by feet of snow in a single night, joined heckling efforts with Coach Cathy Hearn, wiped out spread eagle style twice in the middle of the street while trying to get to the river for a practice in said snow storm, been honked at for driving slowly on ice covered roads merely because the license plate on my Dad's car is from Texas, set a new low temperature training record of -4F (a workout which all the boys conveniently decided not to attend), met some pretty awesome people - mostly the infamous little brother Billy Hearn (warning to all: we have discussed pranks and I am trying to convince him to test out several), and tried some new recipes that may have killed a few people along the way.  In summary, the training of a lifetime!

Girls Only Workout Smelter, Durango, Co: -4F
Marci Cary, Catie Vuksich (Me), Cathy Hearn, Mini Hearn

The boats got so covered with ice that after 31 short courses we had to call it quits.
Cathy Hearn, Mini Hearn, Catie Vuksich (Me), Marci Cary

Who knew it would be better to paddle bare-handed in this weather.

All photo credits to Billy Hearn, self entitled Peanut Gallery and Cold Weather Heckling Support Team

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